I became an accidental PR. My brother was supposed to be the PR. When it came time, he would not do it so I had to. My parents had very little money so we did not have money to fix the house. It needed lots of work. I did not know what to do about the house or how to settle the estate. The attorney was not very helpful and his money meter was always running. Don contacted my brother who told him to call me. After our conversation I felt like I had someone who knew what to do. Don gave me a good book on how to settle an estate. We sold the house as is. Don got us as much money as I think we could get. In the beginning before we sold Don suggested we consider investing our inheritance. We had a meeting with a financial person to learn what we could do with our money. If we did not have this advice, we might have spent the money and not had anything for the future. It was the right decision to use Don.

Susan Kim – Hawthorne, Calif

We had so many real estate agents contact us about selling Dad’s house. Don called us; he was different. He said he had been an executor and settled estates before. He told us there were lots of things to consider besides selling the house. He suggested we talk to dad’s house insurance agent to find out if the policy would cover a vacant house. We were scared when the agent said no. Don has an insurance person who got us a vacant house policy. Don has people that helped us with the tax situation. We used Don to sell the house when we were finally ready to. We recommend him.

Jeff Melgoza – Valley Village, Calif.

My aunt passed away. I was the PR. We had her house and I did not know if we should sell it as is or fix it up and make more money. Don contacted us. I thought another agent, won’t they leave me alone. He had lots of suggestions about what to do to help the family beyond selling the house. I liked the fact he had been a PR and knew the problems I had dealing with some family members in deciding what to do about the house. The end result was we did some fix up and he sold it. I and some family members did work with his people. We did not know much about investing and are glad we talked with a financial advisor.  I know you will be happy using Don to help settle the estate.

Susan Roth – Venice Beach, Calif.

Beyond selling Mom’s house Don helped us in ways the attorney never even suggested. We did not know about problems with vacant houses and insurance. How to prevent us from having to go through probate nightmare again. How to invest our money. Don and his people helped us get on track for a better future. Thank you, Don.

Kyle Porter- Signal Hill, Calif.

We liked working with Don. Since he had been a PR, he knew our problems. When we first met, he suggested things for us to consider that the attorney never told us and we did not know about. Like putting our own house into a trust to avoid probate. We never thought of how to grow our money from the inheritance. His team of people helped us get through settling the estate and to protect what we received. He did sell our house and we are happy with the result. We suggest you call him if you are a PR and have to settle an estate.

Linda and Mark Thompson - Gardena Calif.

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