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I am Don Riggs, who has served and settled 3 estates as the Personal Representative – for one of these; I as a non-immediate family member was appointed PR which caused great consternation.

This range of experience allows me to know well and fully understand and appreciate challenges PR’s face settling estates – ranging from “how much do we get and when do we get it”, to “why is this taking so long, we need money now” and everything in between.

 Probate Solutions LA is here to help PRs reduce the time navigating the path of estate settlement. After an estate is settled most PRs say, if during the process, they had had expert advice they would have made different decisions, creating a better outcome for the estate.

My team are experts in all aspects of probate settlement and estate planning; who are ready to assist PRs close estates in a knowledgeable and beneficial manner. The PR, now less stressed, is confident knowing they are making informed decisions in the best interests of the estate.

Typical challenges PRs will face are family dynamics and dramas, financial entanglements of blended families, removal and disposition of the deceased’s personal property, unpaid taxes, estate sales, negotiating discounts for unpaid medical expenses and deciding practical options for the deceased’s residence. It is important to provide heirs with unbiased financial advice to enable them to make informed decisions of how to protect their share of the legacy.

Who am I? – I am a licensed Real Estate agent specializing in Probate properties and trusts. My certifications are:

  • CPE (Certified Probate expert)
  • Probate and Trust specialist certification
  • Pricing Strategy advisor certification
  • Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce
  • Certified Default Advocacy specialist
  • Eagle Boy Scout.

 Being a licensed agent entrusts me with fiduciary duties – an obligation for me to act in the best interest of another party.

Don Riggs

and  Certified Probate Expert

Real Estate license number DRE#02036654

Office: (310) 318-8426

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