I became an accidental PR. My brother was supposed to be the PR. When it came time, he would not do it so I had to. My parents had very little money so we did not have money to fix the house. It needed lots of work. I did not know what to do about the house or how to settle the estate. The attorney was not very helpful and his money meter was always running. Don contacted my brother who told him to call me. After our conversation I felt like I had someone who knew what to do. Don gave me a good book on how to settle an estate. We sold the house as is. Don got us as much money as I think we could get. In the beginning before we sold Don suggested we consider investing our inheritance. We had a meeting with a financial person to learn what we could do with our money. If we did not have this advice, we might have spent the money and not had anything for the future. It was the right decision to use Don.